Friday, May 25, 2012

Providing Writing Samples During Job Interviews

You explain about writing samples in a 2009 post, but I just found out that I will be asked to provide a writing sample during an upcoming interview.  How do I prepare for that?

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USDCareerBlog said...

First, we thank you for reading our posts dating way back to 2009!

The reason some organizations require a writing sample during the interview (rather than submitting one in advance) is to insure that the writing sample is your own (i.e., not plagiarized, or proofread and edited by others prior to submission). The employer is unlikely to tell you the topic in advance, because they’ll want to see an example of spontaneous writing. So there’s no real way to prepare for this. They may ask you to write about an important person in your life, or a meaningful event, or a notable accomplishment. The topic you write about is secondary to the manner in which you write. So the focus should be on writing “basics” – spelling, proper punctuation and grammar, sentence structure, and so forth.