Monday, June 11, 2012

Why Write Cover Letters if Some Recruiters Don't Read Them?

Recently I heard a recruiter say she never reads cover letters, just resumes.  So now I’m wondering if I should even bother writing cover letters at all.  They're very time consuming.

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USDCareerBlog said...

It is true that some recruiters don’t read cover letters, but since you don’t know which ones do and which ones don’t, we strongly advise that you continue to write well written letters tailored to each position. And of course, there are other recruiters who will only review resumes that are accompanied by letters.

Every job application is different, so first and foremost we recommend that you follow directions to the letter (no pun intended)

If you are emailing a recruiter, then you definitely want to include a cover letter in the body of your text, with the resume attached.

If you are applying on an on-line job site and are given the option of including a cover letter, then we recommend you include a well written letter tailored to that position.

We can’t emphasize too much the potential value of a well written cover letter.

First, it’s typically the very first impression you will provide a recruiter. First impressions are critical.

Second, it’s a reflection of your ability to express and organize your thoughts.

Third, it provides an opportunity to highlight the most pertinent skills and experiences covered in your resume

Finally, it also provides an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the position and the industry to which you are applying. Your letter will stand out if you demonstrate knowledge of the company and speak directly to your most pertinent skills and experiences.

So keep those cover letters coming – even if the occasional one goes unread.