Friday, January 11, 2013

Should my cover letter repeat the content of my resume?

I feel like my cover letter just lists everything that’s on my resume.  What’s the point of that if they’re going to read my resume anyway?

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USDCareerBlog said...

You’re correct that your cover letter should not simply repeat what’s on your resume. Instead, here’s what the cover letter should contain:

Opening Paragraph: State that you are applying for a specific position and how you learned of the position, using a contact name when possible. Personalize the letter by saying why you want to work for this organization.

Middle Paragraph(s): Succinctly outline the qualifications that make you a strong candidate. Relate your qualifications to the needs of the current job opening. Specific examples can demonstrate your skills and experiences.

Closing Paragraph: Discuss your next action step. Repeat your interest in the position. Thank the employer for reviewing your resume.

A well written cover letter creates a positive first impression and increases the likelihood that your resume will be read and your application will be taken seriously. Good luck.