Monday, November 30, 2009

Using a Professor as a Reference

I'm a recent graduate and I would like to use a professor as a reference. Is there a certain protocol I need to follow in order to ask permission for use of his/her name as a reference?

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USDCareerBlog said...

Professors receive multiple requests to serve as references for current and past students, so it is good practice to confirm their willingness to serve as a reference, and to determine their availability (because professors retire, pursue positions elsewhere, go on sabbatical leaves, and/or take summer vacations).

It is important that you confirm with your prospective reference her/his willingness to serve as a reference. Here’s what we recommend. Email those individuals you wish to use as references. Explain your situation, attach a resume, and share any information about the graduate programs or employment opportunities to which you are applying. Providing a resume is important because it allows your reference to learn about all your activities and accomplishments during your college years (and beyond, if you’re an alumnus).

You may also want to follow up with a phone call or office visit to confirm that s/he received the request and resume.

We have a handout with additional information about References. See the Recommended Links column on the right of this blog entitled "Resume & Job Search Handouts."