Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Social & Professional Networking for Helping Professionals

I keep hearing about the importance of a Linkedin profile for professional networking, but because I’m seeking a job in the social service profession, I’m a little uncomfortable posting a photo or almost any identifying information online.  What do you think?

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USDCareerBlog said...

We think you have a valid concern. There are professions where it is critical to maintain strict “boundary issues” between your personal and professional life. And there may be personal safety issues as well. If you are uncomfortable having an online presence because of the profession you plan on entering and/or the population you will be serving – then we think it’s perfectly fine to avoid posting any online information that makes you uncomfortable. That applies to professional networking sites like Linkedin, and social networking sites as well.

While we’re on the subject – some job searchers prefer to exclude their street address on their resumes for the same reason. Once a resume is posted on some public sites, or via email, there’s no telling who will view it. Although we suggest you include a city and state, we feel that excluding a street address is perfectly fine if you are concerned about confidentiality or safety issues.