Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Contacting Second Level Connections on Linkedin

I’ve found a few Second Level Connections on Linkedin that I’d like to contact. Is there any way to contact them?

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USDCareerBlog said...

Thanks for the question.

For the uninitiated – a Second Level Connection is someone who is connected to one of your First Level Connections. So, for example, if you have 100 First Level Connections, and each has 100 First Level Connections, you’d have about 10,000 Second Level Connections.

But you can’t directly contact Second Level Connections (unless you’re a paid member of LinkedIn who has access to InMail). Instead, you’ll need to get "Introduced" by your First Level Connections. Once you’ve identified a Second Level Connection with whom you’d like to communicate, contact your First Level Connection through Linkedin and ask him or her if s/he’d be willing to introduce you. If your First Level Connection is willing to do so, and the Second Level Connection agrees, you’ll then be able to communicate with the Second Level Connection.

Here are some other suggestions straight from the Linkedin Answers Forum:

Join a common group with the person. As long as they have not blocked the feature on their end, you are able to communicate directly (through the LinkedIn system) with anyone who shares a group with you.

Answer a question that the person has posted. This opens up a direct communication path (through the LinkedIn system) between the person asking and anyone answering a question.

Look for their e-mail address embedded somewhere within their profile. Many people will place contact information in their profile such that it is visible to everyone instead of only their first level connections.