Friday, February 17, 2012

How many jobs should be listed on a resume?

I’m a senior and I've had a lot part-time jobs while attending college. During the school year and summers. But I’m afraid that listing too many jobs on my resume makes me look unreliable or disloyal to previous employers.

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USDCareerBlog said...

It’s true that experienced working professionals who have a history of quitting or being terminated from many jobs over a course of many years may look unreliable, orlike “job hoppers.” This may raise a red flag in the eyes of recruiters.

This, however, tends to be less pertinent with typical college students who have held numerous part-time and temporary jobs or internships during their college career. We don’t recommend you include positions that you left after a few weeks, but it’s generally fine to include about up to 5 or 6 of your summer and academic year jobs and internships.

Working while enrolled in college sends a positive message to recruiters about your work ethic and time management skills.