Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Do Job Hunters Need Their Own Website?

I’ll be job searching soon and someone suggested I create a website. What do you think?

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USDCareerBlog said...

The answer largely depends on your particular career area and the rationale for having a website. A well-organized, professional-looking website can certainly portray you in a positive manner and enhance your “personal brand.” It allows you to demonstrate your technical, creative and writing skills with a resume, work and/or writing samples, appropriate video clips, links to appropriate professional sites, awards and recognitions, etc. The advisability of a website, however, largely depends on two issues.

First - the industries and job functions you are targeting. A website may be particularly appropriate for a person seeking positions in such areas as video editing and production; graphic and web design; ecommerce, online and mobile marketing; search engine optimization; technical/creative writing; and other creative or technical areas.

Second - your facility with website design and management. A sloppy, amateurish, pop-up-ridden website will portray you in an unfavorable manner. The same applies to any online presence (i.e., Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, blog, YouTube video) with inappropriate or unprofessional content.

Prior to creating a website, we strongly suggest you seriously consider the skills required in your career area, the skills you possess, and the skills you intend to portray on your website. If all the “stars align” and you are confident that a professionally created website will represent you in a positive manner in your field of interest, then a website might be a valuable component to your job search effort.

Having said that, a better alternative to a website might be making full use of Linkedin to post your resume and create links to your writing samples, video clips, and other (appropriate) online entries. Check out Linkedin’s Learning Center and click on “Get More Applications” to learn ways to enrich your profile and share skills and accomplishments with your network.