Friday, November 18, 2011

Cover Letters vs. Prospecting Letters

The cover letter examples I’ve seen always include a job title. What if I don’t know if a company has any jobs but I just want to contact someone about possible employment there?

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USDCareerBlog said...

We call this a “prospecting letter” and it definitely has a place in your job or internship search. First we suggest you learn as much about the organization as possible and determine if any positions are posted on their website, on ToreroLink, or elsewhere. If you cannot find any posted positions, or don’t see positions of interest, you may then want to write a “prospecting letter.” If possible, address the message to an individual in an appropriate department.

The letter is written like a cover letter (see the handout on cover letters on our website), but rather than identifying a particular position or internship, you instead indicate an interest in working or interning for the organization. Briefly describe your relevant skills and experiences, and explain how you can contribute to the organization’s goals or mission. Avoid “generic” letters that focus solely on what you want or need. Instead, demonstrate your knowledge of the organization and how you can provide value to them.