Monday, October 24, 2011

Do I need a business card?

Someone suggested I should have a business card, but I don’t have a business or even work for a business? Why would I need a card?


USDCareerBlog said...

Think of it as a “networking card.”

More and more college students are seeing the wisdom of having a professional online presence. This can take the form of a Linked In profile (which includes a resume), a website, a blog, or online writing or work samples. When the student meets someone in a social or professional networking setting, the card provides contact information (name, email, phone) as well as an online url. So a networking card can be an effective tool if your online presence is appropriately professional and impressive.

If you decide to have cards printed, they should be good quality, but not flashy nor extravagant. And you don't want to include an email address, phone number or url that will be "dead" or disconnected in the near future.

César Santiago Molina said...

You can have a social card to link to your linkedin profile or blog. One with a QR code like this would be a great option.

Modern QR Code business Card

Dana said...

A great way to consolidate all your social media profiles is through Then you can just send potential employers to this one site and they can get a birds eye view of your talents and passions. Not sure if this promo is still on, but when I signed up I got some great free cards from that match my profile perfectly.