Monday, May 10, 2010

Should I include an Objective on my resume?

I notice that none of the sample resumes on your website include an Objective. What’s up with that? I thought you always start a resume with an Objective.

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USDCareerBlog said...

It’s hard to know if an Objective will add value to your resume – some recruiters seem to like them, others give them no stock whatsoever.

We generally don’t find an Objective to be necessary (the same applies to writing “References Available Upon Request” on the bottom). When you apply for a job, it’s assumed that your objective is to obtain that position. Some students include overly general Objectives like “Assume a position that will utilize my strong organizational and interpersonal skills in an organization that offers opportunities for growth.” The problem with an Objective like this is that it adds no value to your resume because this could apply to any job.

You could include an Objective that is specific to a particular position, such as “Sales Representative for XYZ Industries.” But again, it’s a safe bet that the recruiter’s eye will run straight down to the more pertinent information – namely your education, experience, and pertinent skills. Remember that you might only write one resume, but recruiters and managers read dozens, if not hundreds. So focus on the content that highlights your accomplishments and gets you the interview.