Monday, April 5, 2010

Confusing Job Titles

I’m confused about job titles. I see postings for positions like Account Executive and Marketing Representative, but they all seem to be describing different jobs. What’s up with that?

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USDCareerBlog said...

When job searching you often “can’t tell a book by it's cover.” Organizations vary widely in the titles they assign to positions. For example, five companies may have the identical position, but assign them five different job titles - Account Executive, Account Representative, Sales Representative, Outside Sales Representative, Business to Business Sales Associate, etc.

In addition, different organizations may use the identical job title, such as Account Executive, but with the positions requiring very different responsibilities. For example, an Account Executive in the Industrial Technology field may have very different responsibilities than an Advertising Account Executive.

And there are always those companies that try to glamorous or “professionalize” a job by giving it an impressive-sounding job title. An example is calling a Door-to-Door Salesperson an “Outside Marketing Representative.” If you’re handing out food samples at a mall or grocery store, you’re performing a marketing function. That’s not deceptive – but it may not be the “marketing” position you had in mind.

Job hunters should concern themselves less with the job title and more with the job responsibilities, along with the quality and reputation of the organization. Reputable companies accurately and thoroughly describe their products and/or services, and the responsibilities of the positions for which they are hiring.