Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Job interview on Skype

I have a job interview on Skype coming up.  Any suggestions?

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USDCareerBlog said...

Video interviews have been around for some time, but the advent of laptops with built-in webcams has increased their popularity. You should prepare for the Skype interview as you would for any phone or in-person interview, and consider the following recommendations as well:

Practice, practice, practice.

During the interview, you’ll see yourself in the video camera, which can be unusual if you've never seen yourself on screen. Contact Career Services for instructions on practicing with Interview Stream

Test the audio and video.

Built-in video cameras and microphones vary in quality. Test out the video and audio capabilities on your computer. If they are subpar for an interview, arrange to use the resources at Career Services.

Mind the background.

Shoot your video against a blank wall or one-color background. There should be nothing behind you that is distracting or inappropriate (i.e., a window with a glare, posters, clutter.

Avoid interruptions

If you’re at home, turn off all phones and electronics and make sure they’ll be no interruptions or ambient noise.

Look at the camera, not the screen.

When you're looking at your monitor it actually makes the interviewer feel as if you're looking away. Instead, look directly at the video camera you're using for your interview. Although you're not making eye contact in the traditional sense, the interviewer will perceive that you're looking straight ahead.

Dress professionally.

Wear the same shirt, jacket, and tie (for men) that you would wear at an in-person interview.

Exude enthusiasm

It’s particularly important to speak clearly and enthusiastically in phone and video interviews. With the absence of other “body language” cues, all the interviewers have to go by are your face and voice.

We hope this helps... good luck.