Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Organizations attending Career Expo

Why aren’t there any ad agencies or PR firms coming to the Career Expo?

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USDCareerBlog said...

Students often ask why certain organizations or industries do or do not attend our Career Expo. There are many factors.

Whether a given organization attends a college job fair depends on how that organization chooses to recruit new candidates (and whether in fact they have any current openings). Organizations have many recruiting options. Many post jobs on their website or via on-line job sites like ToreroLink or Monster.com. Some recruit predominantly from among their interns, or via contacts at professional associations. Others attend college or community job fairs, contract with professional staffing agencies, or use social networking sites to promote jobs. Others don’t actively recruit at all because of the number of unsolicited applications received from qualified job searchers. The more exclusive and glamorous an industry appears to be to applicants, the less need those employers have to actively recruit new hires

In general terms, most smaller organizations do not find it cost-effective to recruit at college job fairs for one or two available positions. And due to cost and time constraints, most organizations limit the number of colleges from which they actively recruit candidates.

We at Career Services actively encourage all reputable organizations, big or small, to post on Torerolink and to participate in our Internship Fair in the fall and our Career Expo in the spring. We also encourage alumni and the parents of USD students to recruit our graduating seniors and alumni.

The Career Expo represents one excellent means of job searching. But like maintaining a “well balanced diet,” job searchers should take advantage of all the resources and networks available to them.

Visit here for a list of organizations currently registered for our March 25 Career Expo(updated daily):